Cross-Guard updates client quotation documents

We’re always keen to improve literature and documentation to benefit our clients, providing relevant information and simple, clear product descriptions. Continuous improvement is also a foundation of the business. By creating a quicker and simpler quoting process, we can ensure clients continue to receive excellent response and turnaround times.

This is why we’ve put more attention into our quotes over the past few months, examining how we can further improve them to add value for our clients. The new quotes we’ve developed feature further information on the variety of options available, including the different cold and hot aisle doors and roofs we offer and the benefits of each.

The format of the quotes, designed in Excel, promotes a quicker and easier process for the sales team. The layout has a variety of drop-down options with a different quote template for each product and sales representative. It’s also non-restrictive, allowing sections of free text to accommodate the bespoke nature of our product and service offering.

Our Sales colleague Nina said: “I’m quite excited to launch the new quotes; they were designed in such a way to enhance the customer experience and make the information even more clear and concise. Each quote has detailed specifications on the components of the product. The new quotes are also easier to fill out, so the sales team are able to send them to our clients in a quicker time frame.”

In addition to the extra information and detailed technical specifications, the new quotes also contain updated imagery, including accurate renders of CAD models. These models offer clients a better insight into the look and feel of the products and individual components.

We’ll start using the new quote format soon so please do keep an eye out. We hope you find the new quotes valuable and that they offer further insight into the products and services we provide. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see included as we continue to evolve moving forward, please do let us know. We welcome any feedback as an opportunity to continue adapting to your needs. 

The new quotation packs are just a small part of the journey we continue to take as a company, investing in better machinery and building renovations. You may already have heard about the investments we made last year. We’ll be sharing another update this year in relation to further business improvements as we continue our mission of providing security and energy-efficient solutions that can be adapted to market demands and customer requirements.  

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