Meet Ralph!

Ralph working hard in our office

Recent days have seen a new face appear at Cross-Guard in the form of French Bulldog puppy Ralph. Despite being less than 4 months old, he’s already hard at work.

When he isn’t working to motivate our employees, Ralph can be found sniffing out our best products and inspecting them for quality assurance.

Ralph can be seen here inspecting CX2 grilles

Ralph is wowed by the quality of our high-security grilles, but he won’t be distracted from sniffing out our new aluminium cold aisle containment. The different hole patterns in our sample Connexions cage also intrigued him.

Ralph loves all the different shapes

All in all, it’s a yes from Ralph! He has carefully inspected and approved all our products for quality and effectivity.

Rest assured; Ralph has undergone in-depth training to qualify for this position. His dogged focus and dedication make Ralph the perfect addition to our team. Despite his small stature, he has already made a massive impact.

Even so, Ralph is still growing, and inspecting our many products is very tiring work. After all his hard work today, Ralph is getting ready for his lunch break. 

Ralph enjoying a well deserved break

You can expect many more updates as Ralph comes into his own here at Cross-Guard. To keep up to date with Ralph’s journey and any other developments, follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.


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