We’re digging the new carpark

The most recent change to Cross-Guard’s headquarters in Scunthorpe will make our carpark digger and better than ever before. Alongside a daunting digger, a certified operator and trainer arrived at our offices. Our own dedicated employees received training on-site to renovate our parking facilities.

Our car park before the digging commenced.

Together, our newly trained team are beginning to remove the stretch of earth segregating the two halves of the Cross-Guard carpark. Everyone is taking turns to operate the impressive machine. Our team are greatly enjoying the work; it has been a fantastic team building opportunity.

If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself

The carpark renovations will help provide further parking spaces for employees and visitors as Cross-Guard continues to expand to meet market demands. It will also unite two of Cross-Guard’s buildings.

After some careful manoeuvring, the land is beginning to clear, but there’s still far to go. Stay tuned for more news on our building developments.

Work is gradually progressing

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