Our business trip to Oman

Global Data Centre Provider

Cross-Guard prides itself on being the global data centre provider of choice. We have recently completed a project in Oman to maintain our goal of global data centre provider. Once again the goal was fulfilled as we sent 2 of our colleagues Curtis and Steve to Oman to survey one of our many projects. The survey was conducted for one of our clients who specialise in passive IT domain, LV cables, outdoor plant products, custom data solutions, telecom and passive IT supplies. Upon their arrival in Oman Steve and Curtis surveyed two data rooms for the client, which were part of the botanical gardens construction project.

Botanical Gardens Project

The Botanical Gardens construction project has been designed to celebrate the country’s botanic diversity and for the enjoyment of the people of Oman and future generations. Located 35 kilometres from Muscat, Oman Botanic Garden covers 420 hectares and is among the largest in the world. The buildings at the centre have been designed to achieve the highest sustainability rating achieving the LEED Platinum rating. The huge project involved the build of serval glass biomasses containing the world’s fauna.

The glass enclosure recreates the varied habitats of the Northern Mountains, including the ancient terraces. The form, shape and materials used by experts in response to atmospheric conditions. Active shading has been introduced as well as ultra violet lights controls and cooling. The building has been designed to support sustainability and with water being a precious resource in the region, water is sourced sustainably and not a single drop is wasted. Cross-Guard believes in sustainability and the project was a huge success in providing further generations with environmentally friendly solutions.

Distance is not an issue

As mentioned above Cross-Guard focuses on global data centre to provide businesses worldwide with high-quality products and services to suit the needs of our clients, preventing and deterring thieves. The distance from our Head Office to Oman exceeds 4700 miles, distances like this are not a problem to us as we can deliver and install our products globally. The future of Cross-Guard is exciting as further global projects are expected to occur in the next few years. We are continuously striving to be the leading manufacturer of data centres, IT and security.


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