The computer that ran on water: interesting facts

Anyone following our social media channels may notice that we release a #TechTuesday quiz question every week, challenging your tech knowledge. Since we found these posts are fun and generate a lot of engagement, we thought it’d be good to also turn previous questions into interesting fact posts. This first post is dedicated to the question we asked recently: Russia developed a computer that could run on water, true or false? If you didn’t know already, the answer is true. Here’s a brief overview of the computer.

A world first in computing

The first computer to run on water (also the first computer in the world that was able to solve partial differential equations) was developed by Russian scientist Vladimir Lukyanov. Interconnected glass tubes filled with water were used to indicate answers by the level of liquid and adjusting taps/plugs changed variables.

Created in 1936, the computer was also known as a Water Integrator. Its purpose was to solve issues with concrete cracking. In modern times, the computer can be seen in the Polytechnic museum in Moscow, where it attracts a lot of interest.

More sophisticated tech, more sophisticated attack

Of course, computers have evolved a lot since this point, but it’s always interesting to know the fascinating history. With modern evolution of technology comes sophistication of threat. Individuals are getting better at breaching computer security systems, from physical security to cyber security.

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