Secure IT for computer security day

What is computer security day?

Today is computer security day, where we focus on safeguarding computing equipment to prevent theft and unauthorised access to sensitive data. Did you know the average cost of data breaches will be circa 150 million in 2020 (Galov, 2020)? It’s especially important for large data centres to have appropriate security measures in place as these data centres are trusted by clients to house a range of important and sensitive information. Computer security is used in a broader sense in modern times. Not only does computer security apply to a wider range of IT devices, from servers, to mobiles and tablets, but it also is a term to refer to both physical security and cyber security. It is vital to maintain both cyber and physical security for enhanced protection against theft and terrorism.

The risks of not having sufficient IT security

It’s not just your IT equipment and servers being at risk of damage, there are also numerous complications if you’re hacked or if important IT equipment is physically stolen. Your clients who trusted you to store sensitive information will be alienated and lose faith in you, your reputation will take a hit, and you could face fines for not having sufficient security in place. In addition, further clients will not want to trust you moving forward due to any negative media attention.

Combining physical security and cyber security for additional computer and server protection

A combination of physical and cyber security is most effective to deter and prevent thieves and terrorists. High-strength caging combined with up-to-date malware will keep you safe this computer security day.

While a lot of attention is paid to risks of not having sufficient cyber security in place, physical server security is often neglected. Even if you have the best malware, there’s always the chance that a thief, especially with help from the inside, can break into your data centre and physically steal servers and other IT/computing equipment. Having physical security in place and physical cage barriers to stop this is good sense.

How we can help with your physical IT security

If you require help with physical security, we can assist. At Cross-Guard, we have a wide range of physical server security solutions, including different security caging options and server safes. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide professional service and specialist advice to make sure your security systems are as strong and robust as you require. Our security systems are flexible and you can choose a level of security that suits you. If you’re extra cautious and want to secure your premises to the highest standards, we even have certified security cages available. Our Ventis server safes are also a popular alternative to racking, as they offer much better security.

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