How Artificial Intelligence will impact the Future of Data Centres

The use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing and experts predict that its impact will be significant on both physical and virtual aspects of data centers. It is commonly perceived that technological advancements in AI will bring many benefits to the Data Centre industry.

One of the main benefits includes better physical security. Physical security is essential for Data Centres, which need to be able to protect assets against unauthorized physical access by intruders. Unfortunately, the physical security of data centres is very costly as a huge area needs to have security personnel on-site to respond to any breaches.

New advancements in AI will be able to analyze data that can help to detect any physical intrusions. One possible method to achieve this is through real-time parsing of video streams, where AI technology may be able to identify individuals who pose a potential threat.

There is another option to consider: incident response powered by AI. In the event of an occurrence in the data centre, such as a cyber attack or power outage, it is crucial to identify the cause as swiftly as possible.

In the past, data centre management teams have developed incident response “playbooks” to ensure that their staff are aware of the specific steps to take when addressing various challenges.

Although playbooks remain a vital component of the response procedure, modern advancements offer an additional resource that operators can utilize to effectively handle incident response. AI has the ability to swiftly evaluate scenarios and provide prompt solutions, surpassing the speed of human decision-making. This will come in handy in situations where there are no response playbooks available as none have foreseen such a crisis.

There are many benefits of the new advancements in technology and we will see a huge change in the data centre industry in the next few years.


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