How to Protect Your Data Centre in Extreme Weather

As the world experiences scorching summer weather, it’s crucial to ensure your data centre is safeguarded. Plans and actions must be put in place so everything can run safely and smoothly.

Due to environmental issues extreme hot weather is becoming more frequent and can create prolonged disastrous effects on any business. Adverse environmental conditions can harm IT equipment and cause power outages due to overloaded grids. Furthermore, extreme weather poses health risks for employees. Inadequate maintenance can lead to server failure, hard drive crashes, and data loss.

Last year temperatures in the UK exceeded 35c back in July and some of the biggest tech companies struggling to combat the heat which has reported ‘cooling-related features’ that affected their customers.

Companies are exploring new ways they can ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum including Microsoft. Microsoft conducted a project to explore the feasibility of underwater data centres. Back in 2020, marine specialists recovered a data centre off the coast of Scotland’s Orkney Islands which was the size of a shipping container. Following the find, Microsoft believed the concept to be ‘logistically, environmentally and economically practical’.

What data centres can do to prepare for future heat waves?

One of the main things that data centres can do is implement a proven solution, aisle containment to only cool their system down but to reduce hot spots and cost savings. Cross-Guard provides our clients with a wide range of cold and hot aisle systems, all designed to deliver exceptional value. The benefits of aisle containment include: cost savings, energy savings, improved power usage effectiveness, reduced hot spots and reduced carbon footprint.

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