Checking in to our high-security cage

With data centres presenting an attractive target to skilled thieves and hackers, and with an increase in daring and sophisticated attacks, data centre operators are required to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to upping their security measures. In fact, a well-publicised attack in recent years involved criminals posing as police officers to gain entry to a data centre.

The team at Cross-Guard work with data centre clients to help increase security and deter thieves. Alongside a range of server security cages, including certified options, the company has also assisted with more bespoke requirements in the past. One such requirement was to build a special cage that included a built-on ‘checking area.’

This cage checking area had a hinged hatch to allow for exit in the event of an emergency and presented an additional layer of security. The security cage itself was developed using Connexions caging, which is high-strength and adaptable due to its modular property.

If you require something a little different, simply ask the Cross-Guard team how they can help. Security cages can be adapted to suit your needs and can be installed in even small spaces and challenging environments. Call 020 8108 9328 or email to find a solution that suits your business.


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