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Back in July, we shared a post on securing your home in the summer months. Cross-Guard doesn’t just serve businesses with security grilles to keep anything from local shops to government buildings secure, the company also provides products and advice for the safety and security of the domestic market. Security grilles are a popular choice for use on windows and doorways as they allow ventilation while preventing and deterring thieves.

Below is the infographic we shared in our previous post. This updated article also reveals a few more tips to keep your home secure.

Infographic on securing your home using security grilles

Consider installing a video doorbell

We mentioned CCTV in our previous article, but another good gadget to have is a video doorbell. Thieves will sometimes knock or ring the doorbell to check whether a house is occupied or not before trying to break in. Even if you’re on holiday, or out shopping, you can see who is calling your doorbell through a mobile phone app and you can answer through your mobile too, making it seem like you’re at home.

Light it up: buy motion-activated lights

Having good lighting around your home and garden is crucial. The goal of criminals is to remain undetected, and good lighting means people will be more likely to see burglars and identify them. You can invest in motion-activated lights that only trigger when someone walks by and, if you want to save money, you can look at solar powered lights.

Create an open space where it’s difficult for the thief to hide

It’s not just well-lit areas thieves tend to avoid, it’s also places that are out in the open and within easy view of neighbours or passing traffic. Where possible, keep hedges trimmed and the garden tidy to limit the number of places a thief can hide or move around to avoid being seen.

Purchase a secure cabinet or safe

There are a variety of safe options available online – ranging from cheap options to ones that can be bolted to the ground. If you’re storing high-value tools in your home and want a more heavy-duty solution, you may wish to ask the Cross-Guard team about a new product which is currently in development – a dedicated secure cabinet for tooling and equipment. Give us a call on 020 8108 9328 or email

Consider buying a dog

This point is only encouraged if you’re already intending on getting a dog and if you have the time to dedicate to your pet. You shouldn’t buy a dog for the sole purpose of guarding your home. Some breeds of dog are natural protectors and will help deter criminals with barking.

Take control of your home when you’re out

When you’re out and about, it’s helpful to leave the odd light on or the radio going just so it seems like the house isn’t empty. With advances in technology, home automation is becoming a popular way to do this. Home automation means you can control appliances in your house from an app on your mobile.

Confide in a trusted neighbour and join forces with your community

It can often be useful to notify a trusted neighbour when you intend on going away and ask them to keep an eye on your property. You can provide them with telephone numbers to reach you in the event of an emergency, or even ask whether they can park one of their cars on your drive while your away (if you’ll be taking your car with you). In addition, you may be able to join a neighbourhood watch scheme if there’s one in your area, or even form one.

Be careful what you throw in the trash

When thieves are scoping out your house, they are not just looking at when you’re in the property and how easy the house is to access, they are also deciding whether your house is worth breaking into based on the perceived items of value inside your home.

While it’s important to keep valuables out of sight, it’s also worth considering what you throw in the trash. If a burglar sees you’ve put a new TV box in your rubbish bin, it might just be the excuse they need to stage a break-in. Dispose of this type of rubbish immediately by taking it to a local tip.

Keep heavy rocks/items that can be used for a break-in away from your property

An opportunist will take advantage of things such as heavy rocks near your property to break a window and gain access. Don’t give thieves this type of advantage – move or discard any items that can be used as a tool or weapon.

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