Don’t tell Ralph: here’s the latest on our exhibition security cage

If you’ve been following our social channels, you may know that Cross-Guard will be exhibiting at Data Centre World Frankfurt, 13-14 November 2019. You may also know that office puppy Ralph has been trying to sniff out clues for the past few weeks about what product, or products, we’ll be showcasing at the event on stand 198.

This week, it seems Ralph is barking up the wrong tree, as he thinks we’ll be taking along our 20U Ventis ventilated server safe. Although we’ll be advertising Ventis, and the product is an extremely good choice for ultimate server security, our main product (a unique design creation from our engineering team) will be something very different.


Although we’d like to keep it a mystery to encourage visitors to stand, we’ve decided to reveal a bit more of our Frankfurt mystery product (just don’t tell Ralph we let you in on the secret).

Part of our Frankfurt show product will include a 1.5mm cage panel with 38mm square holes. Square holes are a popular standard choice and this particular size cage hole is great for allowing additional ventilation to your servers.

cage hexagonal pattern

Follow us on social media if you’d like to learn more about the cage we’ll be bringing along to Data Centre World Frankfurt, you can find links to our channels in the footer. We’d also like to hear from you at Data Centre World Frankfurt so, if you’re attending on 13-14 November, visit stand 198.


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