Make data centre security your New Year’s resolution

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A holistic approach: data centre physical security and cyber security

A valuable way to start 2020 is by reviewing the current data centre security measures you have in place and how effective these are at standing the test of time. Do your security measures function well not just in withstanding attack, but also in preventing attack? How do your security measures compare to those implemented by other data centre providers? How modern and up to date are your security systems? Remember, thieves are becoming more sophisticated, so your security measures need to also advance.

So, what do we mean by data centre security?

Viewed holistically, there are two aspects to data centre security: physical data centre security and cyber security. It’s important to always consider both aspects in order to create a data centre that can withstand the sophisticated attacks of thieves and terrorists.

Physical data centre security includes security measures such as security caging, secure safes and cabinets, security doors, secure fencing and perimeter protection, and restricted staff access.

Cyber security examines firewalls, malware, weak authentication, DDoS and web application attacks, DNS infrastructure and SSL-induced blind spots. Cross-Guard does not currently offer cyber security so please consult an appropriate company. We are able to provide physical security services and professional advice.

Why make data centre security your priority

There are several reasons why data centre security should be your number one priority. Here are just a few:

  • Continuity of your data centre: the reason your data centre exists is to secure highly sensitive information for your clients. If your data centre doesn’t offer the high levels of security required, you risk losing clients to competitors
  • Provides credibility and enhances your reputation
  • Less risk of fines and negative publicity
  • Client satisfaction
  • Lasting peace of mind

Data centres that have been breached due to a lack of appropriate security are the first to make the news for all the wrong reasons. Don’t make that mistake.

How to make you data centre secure

Since Cross-Guard focusses on the physical security of data centres, and not cyber security, this post only explores the physical aspects of data centre security. For advice on cyber security, please consult another expert.

The best way to protect your data centre against physical threats is to invest in high-security caging that suits your needs. Cross-Guard offers a range of high-strength cages for data centre security from flexible Connexions cages to the Extendor security cages, which are certified attack resistant. Cages are made bespoke to your requirements, including logo and colour personalisation. To find out more, give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328.


If you already have security cages in place, make sure you maintain them, ensuring all fixings are tight and the secure caging unit is in a good state of repair. If someone has tried attacking your security cage to gain access to your data centre, assess if there’s any damage and whether any components need replacing. It’s important to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to gain entry and to always remain vigilant.

You may also want to consider Cross-Guard’s server safes, which are self-ventilating with market-leading strength. These server safes have been a popular choice for government departments including The Ministry of Defence and The Home Office.

We previously released another article dedicated to physical data centre security that provided additional tips, including advice on perimeter security and location. Read more on these physical data centre security measures.

Help and support with IT and data centre security

If you’d like to know more about physical data centre security, or if you have a project you’d like help with, you can always speak to one of Cross-Guard’s experts. We provide security cages to match your specifications that will stand the test of time and enhance the look and feel of your data centre.


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