Face fixed and reveal fixed security grilles: a comparison

Introducing security grilles to the market for window and door security

Retractable security grilles, sometimes known as folding security grilles or security gates, are an aesthetically pleasing and maintenance-free option to security shutters. Security grilles are installed in openings such as windows and doorways as a visual and physical deterrent against theft.

Cross-Guard is introducing a new series of articles dedicated to de-mystifying and explaining the terminology behind security grilles. The aim is to raise awareness within the domestic and commercial market of what options are available, and what should be considered when ordering security grilles for windows and doors, or other openings that require security.

What is a face fixed security grille?

A face fixed security grille is a grille that’s installed on the face of a wall, and not in the reveal of an opening  – the security grille anchor posts/jambs are fitted on the face of the wall. The reveal of a window or doorway is the timber surround or framing. With face fixed security grilles, there is the option to also clear the opening, so the security grille stack is not visible in the window or doorway opening unless in operation. This way, the security grille stack will not impede on the reveal of the window, doorway, or other opening.

face fixed correct one grille
Figure 1: illustration of a face fixed security grille

What is a reveal fixed security grille?

A reveal fixed security grille is a grille that’s fitted inside the reveal of a window, doorway or other opening. The anchor posts/jambs are attached to the wall of the reveal and, when the security grille is not in operation, the grille stack is still visible within the opening. Door and window security grilles stack back to a fraction of the size when not in use, so this has minimal interference with visibility.

reveal fixed security grille
Figure 2: illustration of a reveal fixed security grille

Advantages and applications of face fixed security grilles

In some circumstances, a reveal fixed security grille isn’t possible, due to the dimensions of the door or window reveal. In these cases, face fixed security grilles will be needed for security of your windows, doorways or other openings.

In addition, face fixed security grilles may be a better option for doors that open inwards when you’re fitting internally, if you do not wish to consider a reveal fixed security grille that has a swivel return on the security grille stack. A swivel return allows you to move the stack out of the way of the opening.

Where complete clearance is required, the available options are always reveal fixed with a swivel return option, or face fixed security grilles that are installed to clear the opening. The face fixed grilles work well for patio door security, where you may need to ensure the opening is less restricted, for if you use patio doors when moving large or heavy furniture into and out of your home.

A key drawback of face fixed security grilles, when compared to reveal fixed security grilles, is the fact that the grille stack often looks better aesthetically when installed into the reveal. This is especially the case for window security grilles. One way around this is to hide the security gate stack behind curtains, but you need to ensure you still dust the grilles every so often to maintain optimum performance.

Advantages and applications of reveal fixed security grilles

Reveal fixed security grilles are the most popular choice within the domestic and retail market. Aesthetically, it looks tidier to have the security grille stack in the window, as it looks discrete, the same as if you installed blinds. Reveal fixed security grilles also don’t take up space on the face of your walls.

Reveal fixed security grilles are manufactured smaller than face fixed security grilles, as it’s not necessary to compensate for the extra space required with face fixed grilles where the anchor posts/jambs are further apart.

If a reveal fixed security grille can be installed in your opening, and this is your preference, you should ask yourself the question of whether the grille stack obscuring a small part of the opening will be an issue. If so, depending on the grille, there is the option for a swivel return, which will eliminate this concern.

Further information on Cross-Guard’s security grilles

If you have a question about our security grilles, please give us a call on +44 (0)1724 709 722 or email grillesales@cross-guard.com. Cross-Guard manufactures a wide range of security grilles, which are installed throughout the UK by our approved distributors and installers. You can visit our security grilles range page for more information on what products are available. In environments where the highest security is required, we even offer certified security grilles.


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