Wire mesh security caging: ideal for walling and underfloor barriers

Overview of security caging products

Cross-Guard’s range of security caging is comprehensive and bespoke, which benefits clients as the company can offer a security caging solution to suit their needs. Cross-Guard offers steel Connexions caging (a popular choice for data centres), Extendor certified caging and also wire mesh caging. Although there have been a few projects where wire mesh caging was used as an underfloor barrier solution, this article examines a project Cross-Guard undertook for a client to install wire mesh as both an underfloor and a walling solution.

Wire mesh caging project in Lisbon

Cross-Guard worked with a global leading data centre provider for a project in Lisbon to provide a wire mesh caging solution. The wire mesh caging solution was to extend an existing security cage structure. The client required a wire mesh caging system with cage walls at a height of 3.1m with 3mm thick wire mesh and a 12.7mm square hole pattern design for server ventilation. In addition, an underfloor wire mesh caging barrier was required to the same specification as the cage walls.

Cross-Guard designed and manufactured a wire mesh caging solution to suit the client. Wire mesh is often considered for greater ventilation and airflow with the 12.7mm square hole offering a good balance of security and ventilation. The client was happy with the end result once the wire mesh security caging was installed by Cross-Guard’s team of specialist engineers.

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