Security grille safety in the commercial market

cx2 storefront
Guitar shop protected by certified CX2 security grilles

Security grilles, or security gates (as they are sometimes known), offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to dowdy roller shutters, and can also be in use on shop windows during store opening times without preventing window shopping.

For those who are safety conscious and want to avoid any potential risks of ie. shoppers tripping over the bottom of a security grille, or children trapping fingers, Cross-Guard grilles have been designed and developed with safety and security in mind. This article discusses some of the options available to give you peace of mind that your Cross-Guard grille won’t present any health and safety risks in doorways from a retail perspective.

It’s important to note that when you stack your security grille back, you can lock it in place, avoiding any trapped fingers or individuals trying to toy with the grille. There are also several different ways you can move security grille tracks out of the way while a door security grille is open during hours of business.

Retractable security grilles with lift up tracks

Cross-Guard’s CX1 and CX2 security grilles offer lift up track options. This means that when a grille is installed over a doorway of a shop front, you can lift the grille track up and out of the way (so it rests against the grille stack) when your security grille is open.

Lock back devices on lift up tracks for security grilles

If you decide to have a security grille with a lift up track, you may want to also look at a lock back device, which we offer. Lock back devices allow the lift up track to lock back against the grille stack when the security grille is fully open. This means you’ll have the key, so you’ll be in control of when the track is lowered and when it is attached to the grille stack. This ensures younger children don’t try to move the track with the risk of getting their fingers caught.

Retractable security grilles with lift out tracks

The other option to a lift up track is having a track that lifts out. This way, the track is never in the way if you have somewhere you can store it when not in use. Lift out tracks are available on Cross-Guard’s CX1, CX2 and Elite security grilles (these tracks are referred to as ‘removable tracks’ on the Elite grilles).

Please be aware that on security rated grilles, lift up and out tracks do not meet specifications for security rating. For a grille that maintains a security rating while also ensuring the bottom track (if installed in doorways) does not present the potential for a tripping hazard, you could consider a recessed track.

Retractable security grilles with recessed tracks

Recessed tracks are available as an option on CX1 and CX2 security grilles where the track is laid into a floor channel and covered with a track cover to create an even surface. Recessed tracks ensure there are no health and safety considerations when installing in doorways.

You may also wish to consider Extendor Vulcan or Extendor Eclipse grilles for this type of track option. These are unrivalled security grilles and are mainly used where protection is required to the highest standard such as in the government sector.

The Extendor Vulcan is rated to security level 2 and the Eclipse is the strongest grille on the market with a rating of security level 3. If you operate and manage a chain of stores with high-value goods, you may consider these grilles to ensure maximum protection.

If you’d like to know more about any of Cross-Guard’s range of security grilles, please email or ring our Grilles department on +44 (0)1724 709 722.


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