Stay secure: keep your eye on the ball

The weather is heating up and we’re starting to enjoy watching and partaking in our favourite sports across the world, including football. It’s a great time to be sitting through a football tournament, sun in the sky, beverage in hand, cheering on your favourite team. However, there’s also a negative associated with the football season: anti-social behaviour.

As the season reaches its peak, an increasing number of high-tension matches will be played in stadiums across the country. Alongside this will be countless broadcasts in pubs and bars of games from all around the world. With these games come hordes of fans, a few of whom are prone to hooliganism. As fans imbibe alcohol and become increasingly invested in their chosen teams, they begin to show their pride as well as release their frustrations when losing in less than healthy ways, and businesses can become collateral damage.

After important competitive and friendly matches, fans can be found flooding the streets. Some will return home after enjoying the game in a sensible manner, whereas others may be driven by a combination of bitterness, drunkenness, and mob mentality to graffiti walls, smash windows, and steal anything they can reach.

Hooligans will sometimes purposefully move several streets away from a match before causing trouble to prevent police intervention. Any business anywhere near a bar or stadium could potentially be at risk of vandalism. Because of this, measures must be taken to prevent damage to your business.

For safety and security of shop fronts, Cross-Guard’s security grilles are a great choice. The company’s grilles are retractable, easy to use and come in a variety of strengths and colours. Aesthetically pleasing as well as made to measure, these grilles are perfect for any commercial property. They allow for window shopping while preventing would-be-thieves from entering your property and stealing your goods.

Stay safe this football season and throughout the rest of the year by securing your windows with one of Cross-Guard’s grilles. If you’d like to learn more about the company’s range of security grilles, or to obtain a quote, you can call 01724 709 722 or email


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