Why server safes are the superior choice to server racks

Server racks in data centers

Server racks, server cabinets, and server safes are essential to any data centre as servers need to be sufficiently stored with easy access for maintenance. The difference between server racks, server cabinets and server safes depends on how much you value the security of your server and IT equipment.

Server racks are designed for the storage and organisation of a variety of IT equipment, including servers, patch panels, routers and switches. A standard server rack will have a 19-inch front panel and will be available in three standard sizes, with a typical rack supporting 40 servers.

The main difference between a server rack and a server cabinet is that a server cabinet is typically enclosed with doors to the front and rear of the server rack, which can be locked. The doors have perforated holes to facilitate adequate ventilation and to prevent damage or overheating of IT and server equipment. Server safes offer even more enhanced security on top of this, specifically designed with quality, resistance and resilience in mind.

Server safes in data centers

Ventis is the most well-known safe on the market – the global leading product for server security. Server safes benefit from stronger materials used in manufacture and enhanced locking mechanisms. This gives the client peace of mind due to higher levels of protection and proven attack resistance. Cross-Guard’s server safe takes security even one step further, since the Ventis server safe is a certified server safe. Ventis is certified by the LPCB to LPS 1214 Security Category 2, Secured by Design and CPNI approved.

Server security: your priority

Good server security makes good sense. It’s not just about protecting your hardware, but also your valuable assets and data. The consequences of not having enough protection in place can be dire with companies facing loss of data due to security breaches, fines, reputation damage, and loss of client trust. This is why we would always recommend the Ventis server safe.


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