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Security cages and partitions: tailored to client needs

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Bespoke security cages

Cross-Guard prides itself on accommodating the vast and varied needs of clients by offering unique and bespoke solutions. One of the company’s three core values is adaptability, which is key to delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that enhance client business. Alongside other security products and aisle containment products, Cross-Guard offers a range of security cages, including wire mesh, steel, and certified security cages. More recently, Cross-Guard has also added the louvre security cage to its standard product offering.

Cross-Guard’s security cages are high-strength and adaptable – modular in design. The team at Cross-Guard have installed security cages in some very tight spaces and challenging environments, and adapted security cages into security partitions. Offering a range of sizes and colours, Cross-Guard also allows clients to customise and brand security cages with the option to laser a company logo into one of the panels.

Popular security cage panel hole patterns

Cross-Guard offers a variety of different ventilation hole sizes and styles for security cages, including square, circular, and hexagonal designs. Most popular sizes for security cage ventilation holes are: 38mm, 19mm, 12.7mm and 6mm. These security cage holes offer different levels of security and different levels of ventilation. The larger security cage holes are ideal for ventilation to prevent IT and server equipment overheating, whereas smaller security cage holes make security cages stronger and harder to breach by preventing intruders getting certain tools and equipment through the holes.

Cross-Guard has also manufactured a variety of other hole sizes and patterns on client request. It’s important to Cross-Guard that a client receives the right security cage, the way they want it.

Client request: 25mm ventilation holes for custom security cage

A global construction client, based in the Netherlands, approached Cross-Guard recently with a bespoke request for a security cage that would have 25mm holes punched into panels with 6mm ribs. The security cage was to be 2.4m high with a hinged door, powder coated in Pale Grey. The security cage required was to be used as a security partition.

Although not a standard size hole pattern for security cage ventilation, Cross-Guard designed the specified security cage to the client’s requirements. Choosing 25mm holes for the security cage had the added benefit of enhanced ventilation, while also maintaining a good level of security.

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