It’s Cutting Edge: Cross-Guard continues to invest

Investments to accommodate rapid company expansion

At Cross-Guard, we understand investment is key to fulfilling our promise to customers, delivering only the best quality products with the quickest lead times. We’re always looking at how we can improve and streamline processes in our factory. In addition, we make sure to invest in high-quality machinery that can guarantee product quality while making production even more efficient.

In 2019, we invested over £300,000 in factory machinery, and we’ve continued to invest even further last year and at the start of this year. Some of the previous changes included expansion of the carpark to accommodate our ever-growing team, updated machinery, and the provision of new areas such as the upgraded first aid station. Most of our recent investments have been for additional and upgraded equipment to cope with expanding business demand.

One example is the addition of a cutting-edge guillotine that allows us to hold wire mesh as a stock item and cut to size in house, facilitating better control and reducing wire mesh cage lead times even further. Wire mesh cages are a popular choice for data centres requiring a light caging solution that will deliver security and exceptional airflow.

The engineers: putting new machinery to good use to innovate

As a comprehensive solution provider for data centres, innovation is crucial at Cross-Guard. The new and upgraded machinery is already being put to use by our engineering team as we develop further bespoke products for clients. In fact, we’re also in the process of expanding our engineering team and have already welcomed another member. By advertising apprenticeship schemes, we’re focussing on recruitment of new talent and encouraging fresh ideas and perspectives from the future generation.

Work with us, wherever you’re based in the globe

By expanding and enhancing areas of the factory and machinery, and expanding our team, we’re more than ready to serve our global clients and to meet tight deadlines. Cross-Guard has been partnering with clients across the globe for over 20 years with specialist knowledge and experience that makes the team well-positioned to accommodate the needs of data centre operators. We’re accustomed to dealing with challenges many data centres encounter and understand the need for discreetness when operating in these highly sensitive environments.

Get in touch with us for your next data centre project

If you have a requirement for your data centre, please do get in touch to see if this is something we can help with. We’re constantly increasing our product range to accommodate the comprehensive needs of data centres. Some of our products include data centre security caging, server safes and hot and cold aisle containment. Our security cage range is versatile, including standard cages, wire mesh cages, louvre cages and even certified data centre security cages. You can get in touch by giving our team a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or emailing If you have a specific project deadline, please do let us know, and we’ll do our best to meet it.


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