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Aisle containment (hot and cold aisle) in the telecommunications industry

Cold and hot aisle containment are popular solutions for data centres and many other industries, including telecommunications. Wherever there is demand for strong cooling systems to keep cool server and IT equipment, aisle containment can help ensure optimal efficiency, cost and energy savings, and reduced hot spots, meaning IT and server equipment functions for much…


Aisle containment for greener data centres: save energy from server cooling

It’s a fact that data centres require large amounts of energy to power everything from the servers and IT equipment, through to the industrial cooling systems required to ensure optimal environments for server safety and to prevent over-heating of precious IT. There’s increasing pressure on data centre operators to reduce this energy consumption, to go…

cold aisle containment doors

Hot aisle and cold aisle containment report for data centres

Download our data centre cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment report here: Choosing the right aisle containment solution for your data centre doesn’t need to be difficult. Our cold aisle and hot aisle containment report takes an objective look at both systems for aisle containment. It compares the pros and cons of hot…


Fire safety and aisle containment in data centres

Cross-Guard’s aisle containment solutions, both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment, are manufactured in a way to allow compliant fire safety installations. Depending on your data centre layout and preferences, you can select from a range of Cross-Guard’s cold aisle roofs and hot aisle roofs. We even offer an FM-approved cold aisle roof that…


Cross-Guard’s top tips for data centre cooling

Is your cooling system stretched to maximum capacity in your data centre? Servers generate vast amounts of heat and the weather can be unpredictable, contributing to a hot environment that can damage servers and other computing equipment. Managing airflow by implementing cold aisle containment or hot aisle containment systems is a great way to ensure…