Connexions security cages: strong, bespoke, adaptable

Introducing Connexions security cages

Connexions security cages are a popular choice for clients within the data centre and IT space requiring flexible security solutions. We understand that each security project has unique requirements, and no one size fits all when it comes to security caging.

As the data centre and IT industry continues to evolve, more complex requirements arise, with a growing need for solutions that give that enhanced level of security. All the security cages Cross-Guard offers are developed to the highest standards using high-quality materials, which is why Cross-Guard is a brand trusted globally by leading companies.

You may have read our previous articles and case studies dedicated to some of the bespoke Connexions security cages we have manufactured. These articles examined cases where we faced challenging environments, such as tight spaces, and installed security cages around existing underground and overhead services. We also explored some of the other options for clients to make security cages even more bespoke, such as cages in more than one colour, adapted cage partitions, and security cages with logo lasered into a panel.

This article looks at another case of a bespoke security cage, where we installed a security cage before the installation of any other services. This involved a lot of technical expertise to ensure services could be successfully implemented around the security cage without compromising the security of the enclosure.


Connexions security cages for a leading construction company

One of Cross-Guard’s clients, a global construction company and a well-established brand name in the field, required a bespoke security cage as part of a project for their customer to help with the security of IT and server equipment. Approaching Cross-Guard, the client explained that the Connexions security cage would need adapting to accommodate services that would be installed after the security cage installation.

Working closely with the client, Cross-Guard’s specialist CAD engineers designed a solution that would work and would suit the client’s requirements. Once an agreement was reached, Cross-Guard’s Operations team worked hard to manufacture the security cage quickly and effectively with care and precision.

This particular security cage was challenging due to the inability to visualise the services that secure cage would need to work around, take measurements, and conduct a thorough survey that would allow us to easily identify the client requirements. However, by ensuring a close partnership with the client, and with thorough assessment from Cross-Guard’s team of experts, we identified a practical solution.

Choosing Cross-Guard’s security cages for your next project

If you have an upcoming project, and need a bespoke security cage, our team are always willing to help and give you advice on the best solutions. Cross-Guard doesn’t only offer high-strength Connexions security cages but, for that added peace of mind, the company also offers Extendor certified security cages, which have guaranteed proven attack resistance by the LPCB.

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