Connexions cages: stepping up security

Cross-Guard’s Connexions security cages are popular for their proven strength and versatility of application. Primarily used as secure server cages, Cross-Guard’s Connexions cages have also been used in a variety of other specialised security projects. The bespoke design and manufacture of Connexions cages makes them ideal as security enclosures.

Bespoke project: Cross-Guard was asked to create security caging for a staircase

Connexions security cages for stairwells

The team at Cross-Guard have designed, manufactured and installed Connexions secure cages in a variety of different environments, working around complications such as plumbing and overhead services. One application involved installing Connexions cages around the stairwell in a US high-security bank. Due to the nature of the business, the client required a robust, bespoke security solution with high resistance to attack.

This particular project proved a challenge primarily for the installation phase. The Connexions security cage was implemented on the staircase above level 1 of the building as part of an access control measure. A hinged door was included to prevent anyone climbing any higher on the staircase unless they were supplied with the relevant key. The angle of installation proved tricky, but the Cross-Guard team designed and implemented the ideal solution for the client.

The security cage developed for this project was 2.8Lm at 2.2m high, powder-coated in Merlin Grey to blend discretely with the existing décor of the building. A 6mm square hole pattern was implemented to balance sufficient ventilation with the need for enhanced security.

The result was a bespoke security cage created to the exact specifications the client required. As a durable caging solution requiring limited maintenance, Cross-Guard’s Connexions security caging will continue to prove useful to the client in controlling authorised access. The client was pleased with the security cage solution, which provided the high levels of security required, while also ensuring a premium, professional finish.

Project result: Connexions security cage in-situ to restrict access on staircase

Connexions security cages: adaptable to your requirements

In addition to being adaptable to different environments, including outdoor installations, Connexions security cages are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. One of the company’s more creative security cages was the Bumblebee security cage that was manufactured with two colours (black and yellow) in order to have high visibility for health and safety.

If you want a security cage to blend in with your existing environment, or to be branded, Cross-Guard has a wide variety of standard colours and can laser your required logo into a panel of the cage. There are a range of door options to suit, whether you’re looking for something that will give your space a premium look and feel, or a door that can function in tight or restricted spaces. Underfloor and above ceiling barriers are also popular with Connexions security cages installed in Data Centres or IT spaces for server protection.

Need a high-strength security cage?

Cross-Guard is a specialist, global manufacturer and supplier of Connexions server security cages, also offering the Extendor brand of security cages. Experts in the design and manufacture of security cages with over 20 years of experience, the Cross-Guard team support clients throughout the project, offering professional, friendly advice. If you’re in need of a security cage, you can get in touch by phoning +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or emailing


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