CX2 security grilles deliver high levels of security for commercial units

There are many reasons why the CX2 security grille has become the popular choice for domestic and commercial security, including the strength, versatility and bespoke nature of the secure grilles.

CX2 security grilles are used primarily for window and door security as a visual deterrent to thieves and physical barrier to prevent theft, but have also secured a variety of other openings, such as skylights and even bar tops. These secure, retractable grilles have proven resistance against a wide range of attack tools, giving clients ultimate peace of mind.

Cross-Guard supplies CX2 security grilles to large commercial units

Cross-Guard received a client request to create 29 bespoke-manufactured CX2 security grilles to secure commercial units in Barnsley. The secure, retractable grilles were required to help prevent break-ins and loss of valuable property. Craig Moore at Cord Door Systems requested the CX2 security grilles and fitted them on behalf of Birkdale Manufacturing.

Cord Door Systems are residential and commercial door system specialists, operating in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. The company specialises primarily in the supply of industrial, high-security doors. Birkdale Manufacturing is one of Cross-Guard’s approved suppliers and distributors, originally specialising in the manufacture and distribution of roller shutters. The company has since expanded across the UK to also distribute a wide range of security products.

cx2 grilles
CX2 grilles securing a doorway of a commercial unit in Barnsley
cx2 grilles
CX2 grilles securing a window of a commercial unit in Barnsley

Grilles Manager Carl from Cross-Guard said: “CX2 security grilles continue to be a popular choice when it comes to domestic and commercial security. The CX2 is designed and manufactured as a high-strength product, available to clients in a range of sizes and colours to suit individual requirements.

“It’s great to see so many of our CX2 grilles in place protecting commercial units in Barnsley. We’re pleased to have been involved in the project with Birkdale Manufacturing and Cord Door Systems and to see the end result.”

Security grilles: gaining popularity in the commercial and industrial markets

In general, security grilles are gaining popularity in a wide variety of markets. The CX range of security grilles are more accessible to the domestic and commercial markets, while still serving as a leading choice of security grille. CX security grilles offer retail brands the opportunity to secure any shops without compromising on product visibility. People can still window shop and browse from the outside, while products remain protected behind security grilles.

Another core benefit of security grilles is the fact there are no electrical components. Maintenance is made easy so there is less time, money and energy wasted on costly repairs. Where you’re securing industrial units and require an affordable, easily maintainable solution that delivers proven security, CX2 grilles are the ideal choice.

CX2 security grilles installed in a range of commercial units in Barnsley

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