Data Centre World Frankfurt: an overview of IT

This week, we’ve been exhibiting at the Data Centre World event in Frankfurt, showcasing our range of security and data aisle containment solutions. It has been a great event and the team have met with lots of clients and professionals within the IT and Data Centre industry.

In the right-hand photo below, you can see our colleague Martin interacting with an attendee of the event on our stand, 198. We created a bespoke cube cage to highlight the capabilities we offer for data centre and IT security. This is also highlighted in the photo.

data centre

Cross-Guard’s bespoke security cage

The security cage cube was sealed at the top with an Extendor Eclipse security grille, our strongest and most robust grille, which is rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR3. Security grilles are popular in a variety of markets with the Extendor brand being used for locations requiring the highest levels of security such as government facilities. Extendor grilles can be combined to create high-security IT and server cages.

Our bespoke security cage product for the event also contained four other panels to highlight the different cage materials, such as steel and wire mesh, and the different sizes and ventilation hole patterns we can offer.

One of the security cage panels exemplified hexagonal ventilation holes, which can be a popular choice for their aesthetically pleasing look. The other three security cage panels were of varying thickness from 1.5mm steel to 3mm steel. Different security cage hole sizes were on display from 11mm square holes, through to 38mm square holes.

Other server security solutions

Alongside our caging products, our team talked about the other solutions we offer, such as our server safes and cold and hot aisle containment. As part of the event, we launched our new brands to the market – Coolgenic cold aisle containment and Infernogenic hot aisle containment. Distributing leaflets on our new cold aisle website, we explained the benefits of our high-quality aisle containment systems to aid server cooling systems.

Cross-Guard has exhibited at Data Centre World Frankfurt previously, alongside other events such as Data Centre World Ireland. The company continues to grow its global presence to supply high-quality IT products to countries worldwide.


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