Security grilles: perfect for security, night and day

The nights are getting colder and darker, which can often be unpleasant for several reasons. Getting out of bed can prove more difficult, and lack of sunlight can impact on emotions. Perhaps one of the most unpleasant consequences of dark nights is the fear of burglaries. It becomes more difficult to discern thieves that may be lurking about, scoping out your property.

Thieves use the darkness to their advantage. Although CCTV is a great deterrent, it can be quite costly and, if you don’t have night vision, you risk not capturing enough detail in times of low light. In addition, most thieves will notice cameras and avoid looking at them directly, using items such as balaclavas and heavy coats to mask their appearance and facial features.

Security grilles are a cost-effective solution that can protect your home and business 24/7. Cross-Guard’s CX range of security grilles are most applicable for this kind of security, providing physical window and door barriers and visual deterrents. For interior window and internal door security, retractable security grilles don’t just protect your personal possessions during the dark nights, but they also give you peace of mind regarding your own safety when you’re in the house.

Did you know the police state that in most burglaries, criminals break into a home using the door, and homes with no security in place are statistically five times more likely to be burgled? This is why security grilles can help as, even if thieves attempt to break through your door, the security grille acts as a security reinforcement measure.

Interior window security grilles / internal door security grilles

Interior security grille on window

Interior window security grilles, and internal door security grilles, can be face or reveal fitted to suit your needs. They are perfect for home and business security and Cross-Guard’s best-selling CX2 is also certified by the LPCB with proven attack resistance against a range of tools, including pliers and pry bars. Aside from the dark nights, security grilles are also highly versatile for the summer months, as they allow light and ventilation so you can keep your window open without compromising security.

Security grilles for patio doors

cx1 patio door
CX1 security grille securing a patio door

Security grilles don’t just secure windows and doors, they can be used to secure other aspects of the home, including patio doors and sky lights. Patio door security grilles are popular as, unlike standard doors, patio doors are often more vulnerable to attack, especially given the large glass panels.


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