Going underground: data centre security cage installs


Security cage installation in data centres

Cross-Guard understands the need for discretion due to the sensitive nature of the business operations conducted by its clients, especially those within the IT and data centre space. This is why when it comes to installation of security cages, and other products, the Cross-Guard team work professionally and efficiently to provide bespoke solutions, while respecting client confidence. One of Cross-Guard’s core values is trust, which reflects in all the projects the company undertakes.

This article looks at a case study where Cross-Guard partners with a leading global project management client to provide and install Connexions security cages for the security of servers and other IT equipment. This particular project was interesting as installation of the security cages took place in a non-descript underground data centre in Europe.

Project for leading global client: underground data centre security cage installation

Data centre owners and managers need to take security very seriously due to the nature of the high-value and high-sensitive information they protect. As such, it’s not uncommon to find data centres located in out-of-the-way areas with maximum perimeter security and limited access and entry points. A lot of data centres avoid making an address public, and some data centres managers will even create underground facilities for additional peace of mind.

Working with partners that can be trusted to operate discreetly and maintain client trust and confidentiality is key to those within the IT and Data Centre sectors, which is what the team at Cross-Guard focus on. Aside from bespoke design and manufacture, Cross-Guard specialises in providing professional installations that are quick, efficient, and discreet.

A recent project saw the team from Cross-Guard installing Connexions secure caging in an underground data centre for a global project management company. Operating in an underground environment presents its own set of challenges, but the Cross-Guard Installation team is well-accustomed to overcoming challenging situations such as tight spaces and overhead services.

The client required 12 Connexions security cages with a 38mm square hole pattern, which is a popular choice for additional server ventilation. Cross-Guard offers a wide variety of different cage hole patterns, cage sizes, and cage door options. As such, Cross-Guard designed a bespoke security cage solution to suit the clients needs.

The implementation of security cages ensures the client maintains that additional level of server security. Choosing an underground data centre setting is a good idea as there are fewer access points and it isn’t as visible for the location to become public. However, due to the high-sensitive nature of information often stored on servers, an extra layer of physical security, such as implementation of security cages, is always good practice.

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