The IT thing: security cages

Although Cross-Guard’s range of server security cages are primarily used within the Data Centre and IT industries, there’s a broad range of other applications these secure cages are perfect for. These high-strength, robust security cages have also been used successfully outdoors with the Zintec steel enhancing lifespan for external fittings. Products are also pre-coated in these situations to help with the effects of rusting. Here are some other applications where security cages can add value to a business.

Security cages for storing and protecting gas canisters, including butane and propane cylinders

When storing gas cylinders that need to remain outside, including those that contain butane or propane gas, one concern is how to store these gas bottles securely to protect the potentially harmful contents and to comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

Cross-Guard’s secure cages allow you to store gas canister bottles safely, protecting the propane and butane gas from misuse. The company’s Connexions secure cages are modular and flexible in design, allowing you to select a security cage that fits your needs for the storage of any gas cylinders you have.

gas bottles
Gas cylinders behind an Extendor security grille that can be turned into a cage
gas bottle
Secure Connexions cage protecting gas cylinders

Security cages to protect air conditioning condensers

Cross-Guard has also worked with clients previously to secure air conditioning condensers with bespoke cages, helping protect these from blockages or malicious damage to keep them operating smoothly. Connexions high-security cages provide an excellent physical and visual deterrent and, for circumstances where a certified outdoor security cage is required, Cross-Guard also offers the leading Extendor brand of secure cages.

connexions security cage
Connexions security cage, high-strength and flexible

Security caging for service yards and outdoor cages for waste management

Other instances where security cages have been used successfully include in service yards. The team at Cross-Guard previously created a multi-coloured security cage in yellow and black, which needed to be installed outside in a service yard and required high visibility from a health and safety perspective.

The management of confidential waste material bins can also be done through the installation of outdoor secure caging systems. These outdoor secure cages protect the confidential information and help prevent data breaches.

Secure cages, or secure grilles, in commercial vans for tool protection

Hopefully, this article has highlighted several ways in which Cross-Guard’s caging systems can be applied and the bespoke nature of the security caging products. The final application to highlight is for use in trade vans. Secure cages can be used within commercial vans to prevent tool theft, but tradesmen will need to be wary of weight restrictions. As such, Cross-Guard offers a different solution – the use of secure grilles for application on both side and back vehicle doors.

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