Wire Mesh & Its Growing Popularity

Wire mesh in demand

We’ve been snowed under lately with manufacturing lots of wire mesh panels for client orders. Our Factory team have been hard at work ensuring wire mesh panels are turned around quickly to meet client demand, while ensuring each panel meets Cross-Guard’s stringent quality standards. The team have been welding at least 150 wire mesh panels per week alongside other ongoing projects, which highlights the dedication and efforts of those involved.

A recent wire mesh project involved the manufacture and welding of 700 wire mesh panels just for phase 1 of the project. This was for a Dublin based construction client and we’ve worked hard to meet their tight timescales, finalising and quality checking the wire mesh panels so they’re ready for site installation.

What makes wire mesh so popular

Wire mesh cages are often chosen for data centre security due to their light, versatile design that increases ventilation for servers. The cross-sections of wire mesh caging panels are thinner to allow air to circulate more easily around the data centre. They are easy to install, and the cages are also future-proof and can be amended or relocated as needed for further data centre security. Wire mesh cages work well in data centres across the globe.

Why clients choose Cross-Guard for wire mesh caging

We offer clients fast turnaround times as we hold wire mesh in stock to cut to size as needed in our expanded premises. Cross-Guard has built a long-standing partnership based on trust and understanding with many well-known global clients, and is able to fulfil global orders and installs with speed and precision.

If you’d like more information on our wire caging, or if you require wire caging for your next project, you can give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or email sales@cross-guard.com.


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