Security grilles for all year round domestic and commercial security

Want a security solution that works for your business, or your home? Need something low maintenance that does the job all day, every day, all year round? It’s important to have effective security in place at any time of year. Thieves use the cover of darkness in winter months to commit theft and other crimes but, equally, the summer months are prime time for opportunists to target open windows and doorways.

Security grilles are the perfect theft deterrent and physical barrier, offering security over openings, while also allowing free flow of light and air in summer months, if you prefer to have your windows open. We have a range of security grilles suited to different property types, although our certified CX2 security grille is a popular choice for most domestic and commercial properties requiring moderate security.

Security grilles have the bonus of being hassle-free. They’re easy to install and require limited maintenance, providing top level security from the start.


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