Putting the spark back into business improvements

This week, the Cross-Guard factory team were feeling particularly invigorated as they continued work on an important project: further enhancing our welding bays for even better employee protection. Our Maintenance Manager Daniel has been hard at work managing the internal development of this exciting project. Changes to the welding bays come as part of overall business developments, which we announced previously. Full details can be found in our article here: It’s Cutting Edge: Cross-Guard continues to invest | Cross-Guard (cross-guard.com).

Welding bays: why it’s so important to have the best measures in place

Welding is one of the many processes that takes place in our factory when developing our range of products. It’s vital to us that our employees are fully competent and safe during the practice of this procedure as health, safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. Following rigorous training and certification, our employees are provided with correct PPE for welding to keep them protected against the fumes generated.

According to the HSE latest regulations, welding fumes are now classified as a human carcinogen. This is significant as it further emphasizes the important of a clean environment when welding, even where masks and PPE are worn. Although we’re already adhering to required practices for welding, we have still put focus on enhancing our bays even further for the safety of staff. Employee safety is at the heart of everything we do.

A look at some of the enhancements we continue to make

Our final welding bay is still receiving upgrades, but we’re pleased to announce that our other welding bays have now had their final enhancements. Further efforts have been made to segregate and contain welding fumes into a smaller area. Specific roofing has been installed onto the welding bays to ensure this is achieved for safety purposes. This ensures fumes are not found elsewhere in the factory, while employees continue to take the relevant precautions such as mask wearing.

Peace of mind for our employees: offers of health testing

In addition to these further welding bay improvements, we’re also offering lung function tests to relevant employees to give them peace of mind with the role they’re involved in. We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation for the benefit of our employees, customers and any stakeholders visiting the business.


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