Cross-Guard’s latest product: louvre IT security caging

Louvre cage panels for IT security cages


Cross-Guard is pleased to announce its new product offering – an IT security cage consisting of louvre panels. Louvre cage panels have been introduced as an alternative to standard cage panels, allowing even further ventilation for servers.

The louvre cage panels facilitate 50% free airspace based on a 1.5mm panel, while still ensuring high security. The appearance of the louvre cage panels can be deceptive as the airflow gaps are not visible. While providing exceptionally good airflow, louvre cage panels are designed to prevent visibility and facilitate privacy, so potential intruders won’t be able to see the contents of the security cage from the outside.

Although primarily used within the Data Centre and IT industry, security cages have also served a wide range of purposes and have been implemented in a variety of other sectors, including government and financial institutions. The louvre security cage panels are ideal for these different sectors, and are also excellent for outdoor usage, as they are rust-resistant and weather-resistant. Louvre cage panels are designed to obstruct rainwater from getting inside the security cage, providing additional protection and security for the contents of the cage.

Cross-Guard’s new brochure will be available online soon alongside further details about the louvre panels on our security cage website page.

Other panel options for Connexions IT security cages

Cross-Guard is a leading provider of bespoke security solutions. Manufacturing both the leading Connexions and Extendor IT security cages, the company offers custom solutions to fit your needs and environment.

Connexions IT security cages have a variety of different panel options available. Aside from the new louvre IT security cage panels, other popular panels include those with square holes (38mm, 19mm, 12.7mm, and 6mm holes) and hexagonal holes (12.7mm). If you require something different from the norm, please do get in touch with Cross-Guard’s team of specialists who can help you find the right IT security cage that balances the need for ventilation and security.

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