How Cross-Guard is making Data Centres more Energy Efficient

Cross-Guard is the leading supplier of security and energy efficiency solutions across the globe. We specialise in hot and cold aisle containment that is guaranteeing clients a huge reduction in their costs and energy savings.

Aisle containment is becoming increasingly popular within the data centre industry due to the benefits it brings our clients. Aisle containment systems work by naturally manipulating hot and cold airflow around data centres to enhance the efficiency of existing air-conditioning units. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) measurements have shown significant improvements with the implementation of an aisle containment system as the air-conditioning unit (ACU) doesn’t need to work as hard to cool servers, making it more energy efficient.

There are two types of aisle containment: cold aisle containment is the creation of a pod that contains cold air from ACU and excludes hot server exhaust air, which is vented outside the pod. Hot aisle containment is the creation of a pod which contains and vents away hot exhaust air in the pod, while the rest of the data centre becomes a reservoir of cold air.

Aisle containment allows for higher energy efficiency and aisle containment systems are very efficient when it comes to the amount of energy used in a cooling process. This allows for higher cooling system temperatures and aims for a higher supply level. Aisle containment leads to huge savings when it comes to lowering the cost of operating data centres, where energy has been one of the largest expenses. Analysis shows how aisle containment can lead to higher energy savings (up to 40%) after switching to cold aisle containment systems. As a result, data centre costs are continually becoming affordable.

Cross-Guard had the pleasure of providing a client with the design and installation of cold aisle containment. We have received accurate numbers of significant improvement in PUE and savings. The company has benefited from a significant improvement in power usage effectiveness (PUE) from 1.85 to 1.55. The system is predicted to save more than £118,500.00 per year and savings would increase further if power consumption continued to grow. Return on investment was expected to be achieved in approximately 5 months. Our products are contributing to improving energy efficiency and creating more efficient data centres. With the rising number of orders in 2022, we are expanding our products globally and aiding the process of a green data centre world.

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