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Planning for Success: The Crucial Elements of Data Centre Development

When embarking on data centre development, it is vital to consider various factors to ensure its success. These considerations are influenced by the market, timeframe, and available resources. Several crucial elements need to be evaluated at the project’s outset, as they also play a significant role in determining the ideal location for the data centre.…

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Equinix opens rooftop farm growing data centre powered fruit and vegetables

Last month Equinix revealed a new rooftop farm on one of its data centres in France, Paris. RBA Architects designed and completed the ground-breaking design and technology. The farm is making use of wasted data centre energy to power itself. The main goal of the project is to promote the sustainable use of data centres…

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Data Centre Construction: what lies ahead?

From April 2021 to April 2022, internet users worldwide increased by almost 200 million. Needless to say, there’s a scramble to build more data centres to meet this growing demand. While some global events may be slowing down supply chains, data centre construction is still on the rise. It isn’t just the big boys who…

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Making sustainable data centres a reality

Are carbon-neutral data centres a possibility? Surprisingly, it is. It’s going to take a 3-Scope approach as laid out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Too much emission requires data centre operators to create sustainable ecosystems a process that can be broken into 4 steps: Step 1: Identify the volume of your supply chain’s carbon emissions.…

How Cross-Guard is making Data Centres more Energy Efficient

Cross-Guard is the leading supplier of security and energy efficiency solutions across the globe. We specialise in hot and cold aisle containment that is guaranteeing clients a huge reduction in their costs and energy savings. Aisle containment is becoming increasingly popular within the data centre industry due to the benefits it brings our clients. Aisle…

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Do You Know Your Data Centre Tiers?

When it comes to assessing the power, cooling and resiliency of the data centre dealing with your applications and systems it helps to know about tier classification systems. But do you know your data centre tiers? Here are the four different tiers in the Uptime Institute tier classification systems: Tier 1: The lowest tier of…

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A Sustainable Future for Data Centres

In 2020, electricity consumption by global data centres was 200-250 TWh. That equals around 1% of global electricity consumption. It’s no wonder that data centre operators are looking to create more sustainable data centres. But how? There are 5 approaches currently being trialled or tested: 1. Optimising Airflow- We see every day the positive impact…

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Cross-Guard’s Security Grilles

Cross-Guard is a leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles. Security grilles are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings that require security. Developed with care and precision, Cross-Guard’s security grilles have been implemented to deliver leading security nationwide. Cross-Guard specialises in retractable security grilles…


Cyber security: do you know the threats your business is facing?

Facebook, the NHS, Yahoo, SolarWinds. We’ve all seen the headlines as major organisations suffer cyberattack after cyberattack. But it isn’t just global corporations that are at risk. According to the UK Government, in the last 12 months alone almost 40% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack. The consequences are significant, from operational downtime and…


Overview of Cross-Guard security and aisle containment solutions

Ashley and Oskar are on Cross-Guard’s apprenticeship scheme, working within the engineering department as design engineers. In this video, they talk about their career experience at Cross-Guard.