Do You Know Your Data Centre Tiers?

When it comes to assessing the power, cooling and resiliency of the data centre dealing with your applications and systems it helps to know about tier classification systems.

But do you know your data centre tiers? Here are the four different tiers in the Uptime Institute tier classification systems:

Tier 1: The lowest tier of a data centre, which has little to no redundancy in power or cooling, resulting in little resilience.

Tier 2 : Have minimal redundancy built into their systems and still use a single path for power and cooling.

Tier 3: The most common tier for UK data centres and follows an approach called concurrent maintainability.

Tier 4: The highest tier of data centres and offers maximal redundancy for minimal downtime of fewer than 30 minutes every year.

Want to know what’s the right tier for you?

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