Equinix opens rooftop farm growing data centre powered fruit and vegetables

Last month Equinix revealed a new rooftop farm on one of its data centres in France, Paris. RBA Architects designed and completed the ground-breaking design and technology. The farm is making use of wasted data centre energy to power itself. The main goal of the project is to promote the sustainable use of data centres while promoting health and well-being since the food grown is expected to be shared among staff and visitors. The gardens are wheelchair accessible and designed to provide naturally shaded relaxation spaces for visitors and staff. Fruit and vegetables are grown through its hydroponic system which is being used to minimise water usage and make the most of the space.

The rooftop farm is powered by a heat recovery system connected to heat exchangers which connect to the water cooling system. The facility includes a 430m2 greenhouse along with 570m2 of green area. Through a variety of sensors, the greenhouse can keep an eye on the temperature inside and the humidity outside. They have backup heaters to keep the plants safe and if the temperature drops the sunshades, ventilations, and an automated irrigation system provide a controlled climate all year round.

In the green area insect hotels have been installed to promote biodiversity and a specific choice of plants was picked for the garden. Only species of plants that rely on rainwater consumption are being grown for maximum sustainability.

“We’re extremely proud to support our clients with this shared goal, and PA10 heralds the start of an exciting new era, enabling us to apply learnings from this project across other projects,” said John Hutchinson, director at RBA.


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