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Bespoke security cage installs

At Cross-Guard we understand the importance of trust. Our clients can trust us to deliver the best solution, maintaining professional integrity and understanding the sensitive nature of their work, especially those within the data centre and IT sectors. In this video you will why you can trust Cross-Guard with your installation needs. Are you looking…


Learning from data centre breaches and implementing good security

Having rigorous procedures in place plays a big part in data centre security. In this video, you will find useful information on how data centre breaches can be avoided and what implications a breach may have if preventative measures are not put in place. There are many ways to avoid damages to your business and…

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The importance of managing airflow in your data centre

When running a data centre having the correct measures for airflow management are vital for a number of reasons, such as energy consumption and cost-efficiency. At Cross-Guard we understand the impact of the energy consumption by IT industries and are dedicated to the improvement of the cooling efficiency of its data centres, helping to create…

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Cross-Guard business improvements and expansion

At Cross-Guard we are always looking for ways to improve our business for both our employees and clients. We do this by investing in high-quality machinery and implementing up to date processes in our factory, to ensure production efficiency and the highest standards for our products. Some of our most recent investments include additional new…


Security grilles: the superior solution to roller shutters

Security roller shutters are commonly seen in a lot of shop fronts. They’re a good security deterrent, but they look quite old fashioned and dowdy, can be costly, don’t allow free flow of any light or air, and can encounter lots of maintenance issues, making them a less attractive option, overall. So how do you…


Cyber security: do you know the threats your business is facing?

Facebook, the NHS, Yahoo, SolarWinds. We’ve all seen the headlines as major organisations suffer cyberattack after cyberattack. But it isn’t just global corporations that are at risk. According to the UK Government, in the last 12 months alone almost 40% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack. The consequences are significant, from operational downtime and…


Connexions security cages for banking security

Our security cages are versatile, offering high level security to a range of industries, and they are ideal for bank security where high-value items require premium protection. This video highlights how a client of ours in the banking sector benefitted from optimal security by having our Connexions security cages implemented to create a secure barrier.…


Wire mesh security cages for data centre and IT security

Wire mesh security cages are a popular choice for data centre security where a light, flexible solution is required for optimal server airflow. Many clients adopt wire mesh security cages for their quick installation and to help prevent server overheating by using optimal hole designs with thinner cross-sections to aid the free flow of air…

Security grilles for all year round domestic and commercial security

Security grilles for all year round domestic and commercial security

Want a security solution that works for your business, or your home? Need something low maintenance that does the job all day, every day, all year round? It’s important to have effective security in place at any time of year. Thieves use the cover of darkness in winter months to commit theft and other crimes…


Aisle containment (hot and cold aisle) in the telecommunications industry

Cold and hot aisle containment are popular solutions for data centres and many other industries, including telecommunications. Wherever there is demand for strong cooling systems to keep cool server and IT equipment, aisle containment can help ensure optimal efficiency, cost and energy savings, and reduced hot spots, meaning IT and server equipment functions for much…