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Cross Guard’s High Strength Security Rated Cages Certified by the LPCB

Extendor security cages for storage of high-value assets are world-renowned manufactured to Secure by Design standards and certified by the LPCB. The Vulcan security cage is LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR2 while the Eclipse security cage is LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR3 the only security cage to attain this certification, making it the…

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Cross-Guard’s Security Grilles

Cross-Guard is a leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles. Security grilles are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings that require security. Developed with care and precision, Cross-Guard’s security grilles have been implemented to deliver leading security nationwide. Cross-Guard specialises in retractable security grilles…


Security grilles: the superior solution to roller shutters

Security roller shutters are commonly seen in a lot of shop fronts. They’re a good security deterrent, but they look quite old fashioned and dowdy, can be costly, don’t allow free flow of any light or air, and can encounter lots of maintenance issues, making them a less attractive option, overall. So how do you…

Security grilles for all year round domestic and commercial security

Security grilles for all year round domestic and commercial security

Want a security solution that works for your business, or your home? Need something low maintenance that does the job all day, every day, all year round? It’s important to have effective security in place at any time of year. Thieves use the cover of darkness in winter months to commit theft and other crimes…


Free delivery for security grilles, nationwide

Our security grilles come with free UK delivery when you order more than one (exclusions apply, please ask for details). So, if you need to secure your home or business in bulk, or if you require security grilles for high-security government premises, get in touch today. Email or visit Why choose us as…


Security grilles for nature reserve security

Security grilles have many versatile applications and can secure a wide range of openings, most commonly used to secure doors and windows. A bespoke example includes where Cross-Guard grilles were installed at a nature reserve to secure viewing platforms for the safety of guests and the environment. CX2 security grilles were used as Cross-Guard’s best-selling,…


Security grilles and other devices & tips for home security (domestic security)

Need help securing your home? With theft on the rise, even down to dogs being stolen from houses, it’s important to make sure your home security measures are in place and up to date. This video gives you some top tips for domestic security and how to prevent and deter thieves from gaining access to…


How to install security grilles: Cross-Guard’s CX2 grille

Want advice on how to install the CX2 security grille? This security grille installation video will give you a step-by-step guide. The CX2, Cross-Guard’s best-selling security grille, is quick and easy to install, giving you a lifetime of security with limited maintenance required. The CX2 security grille is popular in both the domestic and commercial…


Extendor commercial security grilles

For extreme security of shops and other commercial premises, Extendor security grilles have got you covered. Extendor security grilles are the highest strength security grilles available, presenting a highly effective physical and visual deterrent. These security grilles, unlike security shutters, facilitate window shopping when in place, without compromising security. Bomb blast tested and resistant to…

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Extendor grilles for home security

Protecting your home is always a concern with high crime rates, especially during darker hours when thieves can strike under cover of darkness. Extendor security grilles for the domestic market have got you covered. As the strongest security grilles on the market, Extendor grilles guarantee security and ultimate peace of mind. For more information, you…