Wire mesh security cages for data centre and IT security

Wire mesh security cages are a popular choice for data centre security where a light, flexible solution is required for optimal server airflow. Many clients adopt wire mesh security cages for their quick installation and to help prevent server overheating by using optimal hole designs with thinner cross-sections to aid the free flow of air throughout the data centre. Wire mesh cages also provide strong security to help prevent data centre breaches and to deter thieves.

As a leading supplier of data centre caging solutions, we manufacture and stock a wide variety of data centre cages, all of which can be found on our website. Wire mesh cages are one of our stock items as we can cut to size in house, creating the perfect cage for your data centre space and guaranteeing quick turnaround times on cage production.

Like all Cross-Guard cages, wire mesh security cages are designed and manufactured to your needs – our Installation team can work around any existing data centre challenges. Wire mesh cages are available in a range of colours to suit your data centre environment, and you can also choose to have your company logo lasered in.


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