Security grilles for nature reserve security

Security grilles have many versatile applications and can secure a wide range of openings, most commonly used to secure doors and windows. A bespoke example includes where Cross-Guard grilles were installed at a nature reserve to secure viewing platforms for the safety of guests and the environment. CX2 security grilles were used as Cross-Guard’s best-selling, high-strength security grilles. A light, flexible solution, the security grilles offered ample security without prohibiting natural flow of light and air.

The CX2 security grille is a rated security grille that is a popular choice in both domestic and commercial markets. Certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR1, CX2 security grilles can be manufactured in an almost unlimited size range in the client’s colour of choice. The team were happy to see the outcome of the security grilles installed at the nature reserve, which were also coated in a rust and weather resistant solution.


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