Aisle containment for greener data centres: save energy from server cooling

It’s a fact that data centres require large amounts of energy to power everything from the servers and IT equipment, through to the industrial cooling systems required to ensure optimal environments for server safety and to prevent over-heating of precious IT. There’s increasing pressure on data centre operators to reduce this energy consumption, to go greener and improve the overall global carbon footprint – something that’s highly relevant for all businesses across the world.

This video highlights a financially viable solution for data centres to make immense savings on data centre cooling through cold aisle containment systems, which modify existing hot and cold air streams to make server cooling from the air-conditioning unit more efficient. In effect, cold aisle containment enhances a data centre’s existing cooling system to improve the life of the air-conditioning unit, to save energy and money, and to maximise return on investment.

Cold aisle containment significantly improves power usage effectiveness to make you a responsible data centre operator in the view of your clients. It’s so important to take every step possible to reduce carbon footprint, and cold aisle containment systems go a long way in achieving this by reducing energy used in data centre cooling.


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