Fire safety and aisle containment in data centres

Cross-Guard’s aisle containment solutions, both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment, are manufactured in a way to allow compliant fire safety installations. Depending on your data centre layout and preferences, you can select from a range of Cross-Guard’s cold aisle roofs and hot aisle roofs. We even offer an FM-approved cold aisle roof that is certified to specific data centre fire safety standards.

Aisle containment systems are used to achieve energy efficiency and cost savings in data centres, which is key due to current pressures on data centre managers to be greener. Cross-Guard’s data centre aisle containment systems also achieve these core aims.

Although this video is dedicated to Cross-Guard’s aisle containment roof options for data centres, you can also visit our aisle containment page to find more information specifically on cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment:

Specific to this video, we touch briefly on cold aisle containment roof options, including: static cold aisle roofs, FM-approved cold aisle roofs, collapsible aisle containment roofs, and active cold aisle roof panels. Cold aisle roofs are what help to seal the data centre cold aisle enclosure, incorporated with cold aisle doors and infill panels. If fire safety is a concern for installing aisle containment enclosures into your data centre, you can read the full blog article our video is based on by visiting:


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