Hot aisle and cold aisle containment report for data centres

Download our data centre cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment report here:

Choosing the right aisle containment solution for your data centre doesn’t need to be difficult. Our cold aisle and hot aisle containment report takes an objective look at both systems for aisle containment. It compares the pros and cons of hot aisle and cold aisle containment systems, looks at which works best in given data centre environments, and provides results from a live data centre aisle containment case study. The data centre in question is a well-known global brand.

What is the difference between cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment systems used for data centre cooling?

The aisle containment report delves further into the answer to this question to look at the small differences between both aisle containment systems, but in general, both hot aisle and cold aisle containment set-ups achieve the same results for your data centre, driving energy efficiency, cost savings, green environments and return on investment.

Cold aisle containment systems work by lining up servers in data centre aisles so hot air exhausts face outwards. The cold air is then sealed into an airtight chamber with cold aisle doors and cold aisle roofing, so all cold air is put to good use cooling servers, and the efforts of your air-conditioning system are not lost. Without a cold aisle system, hot air from servers and cold air can mix, reducing the effectiveness of your cooling system, using more energy, and creating more hot spots in your data centre. More information about cold aisle containment here:

Hot aisle containment systems have the opposite server cabinet set-up. Hot server exhausts are directed into the sealed data centre aisle, while the servers benefit from the efforts of your cooling system outside your data centre aisle. The hot air is then vented away from your servers by a plenum so it can’t cause any further issues, and can (in some instances) be re-used in your data centre heating system. More information about hot aisle containment here:


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