Security grilles: an overview

Introducing Cross-Guard’s range of security grilles and the benefits these secure grilles bring to the market. Cross-Guard colleagues Connor and Carl walk us through the various applications and features of these security grilles. Transcript below:

What does the Grilles department offer at Cross-Guard?
We make a wide range of security grilles and physical security products for different kinds of markets, offices, shops, businesses, you name it.

How did the company start manufacturing grilles?
Well, Cross-Guard started making security grilles as a division of the Bradbury group. Now, both parts of the business, Bradbury and Cross-Guard, got much bigger. Bradbury relocated and Cross-Guard stayed in the site that we’re in, but now we’ve got so much more space and room to grow, and we’ve got a much better environment now for making our grilles with more input and more structure.

What are the benefits of grilles compared to other security measures?
As well as security grilles being a cheaper alternative, they also offer ventilation for example if the grille was installed in a shop front it engages the passers-by to still look at the products that are available, whilst also offering that level of security. Maintaining the security grilles is really easy, there are no mechanical parts. A little bit of WD40 and a wipe every now and then, and maybe vacuum the bottom track, but that’s it really. Your grilles will work for years.

Introducing CX1: An entry level grille
The CX1 is our entry level grille. It is affordable, easily maintained, and easy to use. Now it has straight lattices. It is bottom rolling, and it is one of the better selling grilles.

Introducing CX2: our best seller
Well, we’re lucky enough to have a CX2 positioned behind us. As you can see, it’s a very attractive grille, and it’s insurance rated, security rating 1. It’s got the curved S-shaped lattice which is pleasing to the eye, it’s top rolling, and it’s available in lots of different colours, white being the most popular. Very easy to maintain. It’s a great grille, easy to fit. I would always recommend the CX2.

Introducing Extendor Elite
So the Elite is our entry level grille for the Extendor range. The Extendor range is what we call our premium range. With it being the entry level grille, it does set the benchmark there. It is Secured by Design, though not insurance rated, but still is good to set off the Extendor brand with such a good grille.

Introducing Extendor Vulcan: SR2 rated
The Vulcan is security level 2, and we really start getting into high-end security with this grille. It’s excellent on government buildings and high-end security installations that really do need to go the extra mile to get that security that’s needed. The grille works brilliantly with the Elite, and as with all the Extendor range, because they all look the same. Varying different levels of security, but they look the same, so you could go for high-end level 2 or 3 grilles on the bottom storey of a multi-storey building, and go with the cheaper option of the Elite (Secured by Design) on the top layers to get it more cost effective. All the Extendor grilles work really well together.

Introducing Extendor Eclipse: SR3 rated
The Extendor Eclipse is the strongest and more robust grille that we offer. It is the only security grille on the market that is security rated to level 3 and we are proud to offer that here at Cross-Guard. Now, with it being security rated to level 3, it can withstand attack from some power tools, including hand drill, hacksaw, car jack, gas torch, cordless drill, pipe wrench, and most popular tools, which is what makes it the strongest grille that we can offer.

Extendor security cages
The Extendor range also goes into security caging. These are mostly used in data centres, some outdoor facilities that require things to be locked away with a security rating. Our level 2, level 3, and even the Elite, which is Secured by Design, can be made into a cage. We’ve done some very high-level data centres over the years, and these work brilliantly. The cages are available in a wide range of sizes, and basically tailored to you. Whatever you’ve got that you need a cage around, to a level 2 or level 3 rating, get in touch. We’ve got CAD engineers who can design a cage around pretty much anything. The Extendor grilles lend themselves to so many applications, and they’ve got that security rating.

We can deliver our grilles anywhere across the UK with free delivery on certain orders. We also pride ourselves on our lead time. We aim to accommodate any unique situation that the customer might bring, and do try and make it work for them in any way we can.

Get in touch with Cross-Guard
Don’t forget if you’ve got any requirements where you think a grille can’t go there, it’s likely that it can. Get in touch, we’ll try and help.
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