Safestor security cabinet for the protection of technology and other high-value items

Curtis, who runs our Engineering department, talks about our Safestor secure enclosure. Transcription below:

Introducing Safestor: Cross-Guard’s leading security enclosure
Safestor is Cross-Guard’s heavy-duty security cabinet used to store and protect a wide range of high-value goods. As a leading security enclosure, Safestor is a popular choice within a range of markets, including telecommunications, IT, retail, trade, and more. Safestor can be used for a variety of applications and is usually installed in the back room of retail outlets, warehouses and offices.

Q: What high-value items can Safestor secure?
The cabinet is suitable for most high-value items you can think of, from electronics and computing equipment to wines and spirits. One of our clients, a leading telecommunications company specifies that for every new store they open, a Safestor must be installed. Safestor is ideal for the protection of tooling equipment, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches and jewelry.

Q: How is Safestor manufactured?
Safestor is manufactured in-house at our Scunthorpe factory with care and precision. We have a fully automated CNC punching press and state-of-the-art Press brakes that we use to form the components of the Safestor. We have an intensive quality management system in place to ensure the Safestor meets our company’s quality standards.

Q: What advantages does the Safestor security cabinet have compared with competitive products?
Cross-Guard’s Safestor cabinet is heavy-duty and a lot stronger than other products available on the market. If you want a high-security solution, the Safestor cabinet is perfect for your needs. It has proven resistance against theft with 3 5-lever deadlocks and 3mm thick steel. Overall, it is better quality and more adaptable than other options. With flexible sizing, Safestor can be bolted to the floor for even further security, and cable entry holes can be added on request.

Q: What are some of the technical features of the Safestor?
The Safestor is manufactured using 3mm thick sheet steel giving the Safestor a good resistance to physical attack. The addition of 3 5-lever deadlocks into the door further boost the security of the Safestor. The Safestor is fully customizable and we are able to make adjustments to meet the client’s needs.

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