Bespoke security cages for data centre security

At Cross-Guard, our data centre security cages are made bespoke to you, whatever size or colour or shape you need. This video highlights one of the multiple colour security cages we created for a data centre provider. The security cage was designed for outdoor installation and made to have visible yellow lines that would help with health and safety, preventing drivers visiting site from reversing into the security cage.

Strong, versatile security cages that can be installed indoors or outdoors – in a range of challenging and small data centre spaces – Cross-Guard’s cages are well suited to your needs. We even have the option of further branding the security caging to include panels lasered with your corporate logo. If you’d like to check out our comprehensive data centre security caging range, please check out our website, where you’ll find a variety of secure caging and enclosure options:

Cross-Guard’s data centre range includes Connexions security cages, which are flexible security cages with increased strength. These are available with a variety of different hole patterns for data centre ventilation. If you need certified caging for your data centre, you also have the option of our high-strength, LPCB certified Extendor cages, trialled and tested against a range of tooling with proven resistance. There is also data centre wire mesh caging if you needed a lighter, more versatile option.

A recent addition to Cross-Guard’s secure caging range is our data centre louvre cages. Louvre security cages have the added benefit of privacy of contents, as you’re unable to see through the cage panels from the outside. In addition, they are good for weather resistance and airflow, perfect for your data centre.


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