Louvre security cages for data centres – protect servers and IT equipment

A recent data centre product addition, louvre server security cages are made for the protection of servers and IT equipment. The unique design of the secure louvre cages facilitates excellent airflow to prevent server overheating, while not having any visible gaps. This serves a dual purpose to make sure that cage contents are also not visible from the outside, helping deter any potential thieves, while the strong, sturdy design has proven resistance against attack.

In addition to strength and enhanced airflow, louvre security cages can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are highly flexible and adaptable to surrounding data centre/other industry environments. Louvre security cages are weather and rust resistant, helping prevent intrusion of rain due to the gaps not being obviously visible.

As a flexible caging system, you can have a louvre cage designed bespoke to your needs, whether for your data centre, or for secure storage in another industry. Secure louvre cages are available in a range of sizes and you can have a varying number of sides including a roof. Visit our website and get in touch for more info about our louvre security cages, or any of the other Cross-Guard secure cages in our high-security range


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