Ventis server safe: a more secure alternative to server racks in your data centre

When it comes to data centre security, you want to ensure a high standard. The consequences of a data centre breach can be severe with penalties including loss of data, loss of client trust, potential fines, cost of replacing physical equipment and any damage repairs, and negative media publicity.

Although a lot of data centres opt for standard server racks, Cross-Guard provides a higher strength alternative that will ensure your data centre doesn’t become a victim of theft. A market-leading product, Ventis offers proven security and attack resistance. It’s made from high-quality, 3mm thick steel, containing multiple deadlocks for enhanced security. Approved by the CPNI, insurance-rated, and certified by the LPCB, the Ventis server safe is sure to protect your servers and other IT equipment.

Bespoke made to you, Ventis server safes can be supplied with shelving and in different sizes. The Ventis server safe is manufactured to ensure no hindrance in airflow, ensuring your servers are not only safe and secure, but also protected from overheating and working at optimal temperature levels. For ultimate peace of mind, consider Ventis server safe over server racks. We can provide you the server safe you need, installed by our team of data centre experts.


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