The many applications of security cages: asset protection

Cross-Guard security cages were initially developed for the protection of servers and IT equipment in data centres, but they are not restricted to this use only. Security cages are in demand in a variety of industries to secure and protect valuable assets, avoiding the negative consequences associated with theft.

Some instances include outdoor storage of hazardous waste, confidential waste and harmful chemicals contained in ie. gas cylinders. Cross-Guard’s security cages can have a protective coating to make them weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor security. The company also offers louvre security cages which make it difficult for rain to permeate or cages with solid panels rather than perforated hole patterns.

In addition, security cages can be used for warehouse and retail storage and protection, and can be installed as secure, dividing partitions in entranceways. They can even be secured over air-conditioning units or other machinery to avoid not only theft, but also malicious damage and tampering.

Cross-Guard has a broad and versatile caging range to suit any need, so get in touch if you require high-strength security solutions for your next project. Our contact details are on our website and you can also view our full security cage range there


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