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Interview with Cross-Guard employee Kelly-ann

Kelly-ann works within the Grilles department at Cross-Guard within a manufacturing role. In this video, she talks about her experience within the company.


Safestor for security and storage of tools #BoltYourTools

Safestor tool security and storage cabinet is a heavy-duty solution to protect your expensive tooling so you don’t become a victim of tool theft. Increasing in frequency, tool theft often puts a lot of tradespeople – builders, electricians, plumbers etc. – severely out of pocket. It doesn’t have to be this way. Safestor tooling security…


Bespoke security caging – Cross-Guard’s six-sided Eclipse security cage

At Cross-Guard, bespoke caging is the norm. Clients present a variety of challenges – from specific caging design requirements, to sizing restrictions and challenging install environments. We’re well accustomed to meeting these caging requirements, producing high-quality caging products that achieve specific goals and purposes. This video looks at a challenge set by a client, where…


Bespoke security cages for data centre security

At Cross-Guard, our data centre security cages are made bespoke to you, whatever size or colour or shape you need. This video highlights one of the multiple colour security cages we created for a data centre provider. The security cage was designed for outdoor installation and made to have visible yellow lines that would help…


Safestor security cabinet for the protection of technology and other high-value items

Curtis, who runs our Engineering department, talks about our Safestor secure enclosure. Transcription below: Introducing Safestor: Cross-Guard’s leading security enclosureSafestor is Cross-Guard’s heavy-duty security cabinet used to store and protect a wide range of high-value goods. As a leading security enclosure, Safestor is a popular choice within a range of markets, including telecommunications, IT, retail,…


Engineering of Cross-Guard security cages

See Cross-Guard’s new machine in action punching holes into sheet steel. This is the start of the process for creating high-strength Cross-Guard security cages, used within the data centre and IT industries. These secure cages are created and installed bespoke to clients with options for a variety of different hole patterns and company branding.

cold aisle containment doors

Hot aisle and cold aisle containment report for data centres

Download our data centre cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment report here: Choosing the right aisle containment solution for your data centre doesn’t need to be difficult. Our cold aisle and hot aisle containment report takes an objective look at both systems for aisle containment. It compares the pros and cons of hot…


Fire safety and aisle containment in data centres

Cross-Guard’s aisle containment solutions, both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment, are manufactured in a way to allow compliant fire safety installations. Depending on your data centre layout and preferences, you can select from a range of Cross-Guard’s cold aisle roofs and hot aisle roofs. We even offer an FM-approved cold aisle roof that…


Cross-Guard’s top tips for data centre cooling

Is your cooling system stretched to maximum capacity in your data centre? Servers generate vast amounts of heat and the weather can be unpredictable, contributing to a hot environment that can damage servers and other computing equipment. Managing airflow by implementing cold aisle containment or hot aisle containment systems is a great way to ensure…