Bespoke security caging – Cross-Guard’s six-sided Eclipse security cage

At Cross-Guard, bespoke caging is the norm. Clients present a variety of challenges – from specific caging design requirements, to sizing restrictions and challenging install environments. We’re well accustomed to meeting these caging requirements, producing high-quality caging products that achieve specific goals and purposes.

This video looks at a challenge set by a client, where a six-sided security cage was required. Most cage requirements are four-sided or five-sided, with some braced against existing walls and structures. The client required an Extendor Eclipse security cage – the strongest certified security cage on the market. The challenge was having the grilles that formed the security cage as the floor. To avoid scuffing of heavy weight, we created a false cage floor for items to be stored on.

Whatever your security cage needs, we’ll create a secure cage or enclosure to match. Primarily serving the data centre and IT industry, we also cater for a range of other industry cage requirements, such as safe storage of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We’re the sole supplier of Extendor rated cages, which are certified for attack resistance by the LPCB. For more information on our security cages, please visit:


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